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In the regional natural park of Queyras at 2040m of altitude, Saint-Véran, the highest commune in Europe, offers you a breathtaking setting in a preserved area. This village-resort is classified among the most beautiful villages of France and is distinguished by its traditional architecture and by the clarity of its astronomical sky.

Saint-Véran : a bucolic village in the heart of the Queyras

Made up of several districts, Saint-Véran is rich in a typical heritage. You will discover the local architecture with the "fustes": wooden chalets with slate roofs, the chapels, fountains and ovens. The sunshine of the village has motivated the creation of more than thirty sundials scattered along the streets. The low light pollution and the clarity of the sky make Saint Véran one of the best places to contemplate the stars in France, with an observatory that can be visited. The village has a strong craft industry, which bears witness to the life and traditions of the past.

Saint-Véran, an authentic village resort


Saint-Véran is first and foremost a village with its 230 year-round inhabitants, but also a ski resort. The altitude of the village allows an optimal snow cover for winter sports. The village is therefore at the heart of the Molines/Saint-Véran alpine ski area which extends over 36 kilometers, with more than 1000m of vertical drop. In the summer, hiking and mountain biking activities take over, with renowned itineraries and summits on the Italian border.

    What to do in Saint-Véran ?

    In winter, snow sports and cultural activities are possible in the highest commune in Europe.

    The must-sees in Saint-Véran :

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    An unforgettable stay at the Alta Peyra**** :

    At an altitude of 2040 meters, the 4-star hotel l'Alta Peyra in Saint-Véran will seduce you with its breathtaking setting, summer and winter alike. The hotel is ideally located in the village and is integrated into the local architectural style. Directly at the foot of the slopes, the location is privileged to enjoy the largest ski area in Queyras, and an unparalleled view in summer and winter.
    The comfortable rooms with a variety of styles and the warm common areas offer you ideal conditions for your stay. The 2040 bar or the Bistro d'en Ô restaurant will allow you to share quality moments with your loved ones, while enjoying the panoramic terrace. You can go to the SPA for moments of relaxation with treatments provided by professionals, it is also possible to relax by taking advantage of the indoor and outdoor swimming pool heated in summer and winter, or the sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi. Finally, it is possible to exercise by using the gym. We are waiting for you to share good moments in the heart of Queyras!

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    • Piscine extérieure Alta Peyra en hiver
    • Spa de l'hôtel Alta Peyra
    • Restaurant le Bistro d'en Ô de l'hôtel Alta Peyra
    • Espace salon hôtel Alta Peyra à Saint-Véran
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    • Vue sur l'hôtel Alta Peyra à Saint-Véran
    • Hôtel Alta Peyra à Saint-Véran en hiver
    • Piscine intérieure hôtel Alta Peyra
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    • Hôtel Alta Peyra à Saint-Véran en hiver
    • Hôtel Alta Peyra à Saint-Véran en hiver
    • Petit déjeuner à l'hôtel Alta Peyra
    • Terrasse restaurant Le Bistro d'en Ô à Saint-Véran
    4-star Hautes Alpes Hotel in Saint Véran (2040m in altitude) Ski in - ski out in the heart of the Queyras National Park Winter opening: from Friday December 15th 2023 to Sunday March 24th 2024 (Ski lifts open from 22/12/2023 to 24/03/20...


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