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L' Alta Peyra


4-star Hautes Alpes Hotel in Saint Véran (2040m in altitude)
Ski in - ski out in the heart of the Queyras National Park

Winter opening: from Friday December 15th 2023 to Sunday March 24th 2024
(Ski lifts open from 22/12/2023 to 24/03/2024)

Welcome to Queyras, a territory recognized for its rich heritage and preserved environment.
Open in winter and summer, this hotel blends into the typical architecture of this village, the highest in Europe!

Discover the practice of sporting or cultural leisure activities in a different way in this Alpine area with panoramic views by clicking here.

Explore our offer of 59 rooms.
Meet up with family or friends in our gastronomy and relaxation areas and enjoy unforgettable moments.


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L' Alta Peyra
Quartier La Ville
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 44.70079
Longitude : 6.86831